> 5th Nerd Nite Magdeburg

5th Nerd Nite Magdeburg

The Student Chapter of SIAM Magdeburg presents the 5th Nerd Nite on Thursday, 9th of June 2016, starting at 8pm. The Nerd Nite will take place at the RIFF in Magdeburg.

Sign up today for the event on the Facebook event page — 5th Nerd Nite Magdeburg.

The program:
Dr. Jens Saak: “You can’t kill the Metal!”
Dr. Andreas Voigt: “Erst “Click”, dann warm – Was passiert denn nun wirklich in so einem Taschenwärmer?”
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Nill: “How to Count like an Egyptian: Pizzas, Platonic Solids, and the Multiverse.”

Short program 5th Nerd Nite MD

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