> Outdoor Nerd Nite 2018

Outdoor Nerd Nite 2018

The Student Chapter of SIAM Magdeburg presents the Outdoor Nerd Nite 2018 on Thursday, 2nd of August 2018, starting at 6pm. The Nerd Nite will take place at the Werksschänke in Magdeburg.

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Being a nerd means to dive head first into fascinating topics! These don’t necessarily have to include computers, comics and science in a dark basement. Indeed, it can be about very interesting forms of hobbies in open nature!

At Nerd Nite Magdeburg, speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds present interesting areas and hobbies in which they are experts. In keeping with the summer, we are moving the event outside, including live demonstrations.

The program of this Nerd Nite is:
  Georg Pauer:
    “Aerial Silk” (English)
  Michael Liphardt & Yves Duderstadt:
    “Muay Thai” (English)
  Benjamin Höhn & Michael Schütze:
    “Das Wurzelwerk – Ein Permakulturprojekt auf dem werk4” (German)

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